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Before Plan To Eat, I tried other meal planning systems where menus were already created for me along with a shopping list for that menu. Sounds great, right? The problem I always had with those systems was my family didn’t care for many of the meals. This led to wasted food and lots of frustration.

What I needed was a way to use recipes that I knew my family loved AND could create the shopping list for me. And then I found… Plan To Eat!

Plan To Eat does exactly what I want. It makes it easy to import or even just type in your favorite recipes. The recipe clipper lets you easily add NEW recipes, too. Then you can drag them onto a calendar to plan your meals. My favorite part is the automatically generated shopping list which you can access on your phone and check off purchases while you are shopping. I have even done on-the-fly planning in the grocery store when I see a sale on an ingredient and want to make sure I have everything I need for that recipe.

You can read a post I wrote with more details about how I use Plan To Eat here: https://motivatedmoms.com/meal-planning/

We make eating at home easier.

Collect and organize your recipes from anywhere,
add those recipes to your meal planning calendar,
and Plan to Eat will make your organized grocery list.