The Learning Series is your free guided introduction to Plan to Eat. We will teach you the foundations of meal planning with our program and at the end of this series, you will be on your way to becoming a meal planning expert!

Through the Learning Series, you’ll get:

  • Private portal to access all the Learning Series lessons.
  • Exclusive getting started videos that walk you through features.
  • 10 emails filled with custom content, sent right to your inbox!
  • 2 Live Q&As with meal planning experts (that’s us)!
  • 2 Giveaways, including gift cards to our swag store, handmade mugs, and more!

We created the Learning Series, because we care about seeing people succeed and we know learning how to effectively meal plan will simplify and elevate your life!

We are teaching you how to use your recipes to make your own custom meal plans...and Plan to Eat will create your shopping list for you! Plan to Eat is traditional meal planning, simplified!

The next session begins on March 7th, 2022. We don’t offer guided instruction like this anywhere else! If you’re interested in step-by-step instruction and live Q&A sessions, sign up for the Learning Series below.

In March, you’ll learn:

  • The five steps to creating a meal plan.
  • The three essential components of Plan to Eat.
  • The fastest way to add recipes to your account.
  • Tools for creating custom meal plans that fit your family’s needs.
  • How the program automatically generates your shopping list for you!
  • The best features on both the app and website.

The series is available to everyone, current subscribers or trialing customers. If you participated in The Learning Series previously and you would like access to the information again, you will need to sign-up below!

If you are an existing customer, please login to your Plan to Eat account before clicking the button to continue and not start a new account.

If you have friends or family who are interested in learning more about Plan to Eat, please share this page with them! This is the perfect opportunity for anyone to learn how to meal plan!

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em·pow·ered : Having the knowledge, confidence, or means to do things or make decisions for oneself.

Easily import recipes to your recipe organizer, drag them to your meal planner, and we’ll make your organized grocery list.