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As a mom juggling all the hats of home, work, and family, pulling off a hot, home-cooked meal during the week can feel like a pipedream. That was something I personally aspired to do but rarely achieved even though I tried very hard to do so. Each new system I found -- and trust me, I tried them all! -- was full of promise, but there was always something missing.

Until I stumbled on Plan to Eat. It had almost everything that I had dreamed of finding in a meal planning tool. Recipe clipping, drop and drag meal planning, shopping list creation - it even helps you order groceries online!

Now, thanks to Plan to Eat, we have a home cooked dinner just about every night of the week and I recommend it to everyone!

Plan to Eat is providing this 45-day extended trial completely free of charge for new accounts only.

em·pow·ered : Having the knowledge, confidence, or means to do things or make decisions for oneself.

Easily import recipes to your recipe organizer, drag them to your meal planner, and we’ll make your organized grocery list.